Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why Ur Holiday is Too Long???

Air Asia ticket to Terengganu usually costs around RM50-90 one way. Not during peak time obviously, ahh and yesterday's plan failed miserably. I was supposed to print out the mask for my fabrication process, it turns out yesterday was the 7th day of Chinese New year and some Uncle told me they are still in holiday. yesterday supposed to be raya day for the people he said and then 9th CNY will be raya for their bamboo gods or something.
And that was some new knowledge i learnt when I've already arrived at the shop. haha what a waste of time. Today I'll have to go there again it seems. Actually last night my Uncle had just passed away, so i want to ask if any is reading this post aside me, to please recite Al-fatihah and make doa for him. May Allah bless and shower him with Rahmah and Maghfirah.


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