Tuesday, January 22, 2019


I was in Japan for a whole week last year, went for an interview for phd and the best part; it was fully sponsored. As you guys might have notice, there are tons of opportunities for us students to apply for a place to pursue our education with sponsors. The only thing to do is to apply for one.

However the iv was hard. mathematics and chemistry exam on the 1st day, presentation on the 3rd and another on the 5th day. And the audience? around 40 professors and lecturers from the hosting university. But thats ok, considering you've tried your best and however the results turns, you've gain some precious experience and memory.

NIMS- National institute for Materials Science Japan, in Tokyo

Godzilla in Fukuoka

It was summer time. The kids having fun in the biggest mall in Fukuoka

Waterfront Fukuoka

omiyage for nephew

Feel free to ask if anybody want to know more on the details of the journey, how to apply and so on.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Science-loving Millenials

Is it true that school students nowadays prefer not to take science stream for their upper high course?

15 years ago, my mum used to buy lots of science experiment books and guides, and I was really interested in trying to conduct whichever that i could. the activity seems fun, and the reaction used to WOW us. Today's kids had always been fed with advanced technology that they no longer find those science experiment interesting, or have little exposure towards the matter.

The price for a kids scientific kit is huge. i did some price checking across the web and physical store selling these products, maybe this is one of the factor contributing. Well, parents do have limitation on their budget, so whether a product could be worth it or not is important.

RM60 for a weather lab, with simply 5 instruments is 'batsu'
I am currently working on a new project called science4derp. A group of people including myself, basically, we want to cultivate STEM in fun way, by providing cool kits to school students which is affordable, fun and beneficial.

I'll explain more on this later on. For now please do support our official facebook and instagram page. the page has not been updated for quite a while, since our designer is working his ass off on the product, but we'll surely be back soon.

Thank you :D

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Tricks to BOOM your sales on Shopee! (100% Working)

yeah the title is definitely not a click bait (oopss). Morning thoughts continues..

Doing Masters, unfortunately, grant provided will only be able to support your study for 2 years maximum. During those good ol days, RM1.8k per month + part time seller will be more than sufficient. Mana taknya, when selling in shopee with a preferred title can easily bring around 5k per month. But today the reality is different, study time has exceeded (meaning no more allowances) and shopee algorithm has been changed plus more competitor, its getting hard. So, I definitely has to find other ways to survive, earn and jolly :D or else I will have to start finding job soon.

Talking about shopee, it was not that hard to boom your sales if it was 2 years ago, but not if you want to start now. The tricks were simple:

1. Sell hot and easy selling item, preferably cheap item with 50:50 ratio of capital and profit.
2. before that is going to work, buang harga dulu. take 10% profit only till you reach requirement for preferred seller.
3. Eureka! once you have the title, your item will automatically be placed on top search. So, you can now start to sell at normal price.
4. Its time to harvest your profit.

Sales for 'shirt4derp' in 2018. roughly around 4-5k per month, not a lot but considering only have to work for less than an hour a day for three times a week, it is quite good :D.
BUT, it will only work if you've done it 2 years back. Nowadays, everything sucks hard. even 3 months of achieving preferred seller requirement will not guarantee you the title, and the search algorithm seems to be a mess. With shopee introducing new fees for sellers, e.though its only 1%, but surely it affects.

However, you can give it a try! :D I wish the best of luck to those trying to start.

Come support guys: shirt4derp

Saturday, January 19, 2019

2019 Comeback! WOW going strong (much)

OK. It seems 2 years has passed since my last post in this blog. the last time I wrote, it was during my 1st year doing Master. God, it IS tough. HAHA. Master by research looks ez and breezy at start, but then u'll be damned by lacking equipment, failed experiment, swayed by laziness and then things got harder and you will just have to find a way out. (meaning; 1 journal paper publication). But, it will not be satisfying with just a simulation paper, people always says simulation : rubbish so fabrication it should be.

Fabrication, may be ez or freaking time consuming. Well at least its not hard, coz nowadays, everything seems to be working with a manual, but microfabrication, is not a 1-2 hour process. it take weeks and as the sample is limited and pricey, defects leads to a week of depression, and a restart to the whole fabrication process.

nah, a sample picture of a defective sample :O

Time goes on, and Alhamdulillah now it should be the last semester of this (feels like) never ending journey. Even though the fabrication process is half way done, I shall make it suffice for publication by using the magic of 'peep the cnp warrior'. Damn it was easy during undergrad, I could finish FYP and EIT in a matter of couple months, but son, never underestimate the postgraduate level.

* why the f am i writing again after two years? Well those two years, being a postgraduate student and a freaking self-proclaimed boss, has taught me to always have more free time than others, and honestly, I've been sleeping after suboh for the whole 2 years straight and only wake up at around 8:30 -9 to start the day. Its shitty isn't it. So, my resolution for 2019 is to stay awake in the morning, no more shits and blanket. and decided to spend 30 min for a post daily (or maybe not, HAHA) so I can gain something instead of dozing off.

Well let see how it goes.

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