Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why Ur Holiday is Too Long???

Air Asia ticket to Terengganu usually costs around RM50-90 one way. Not during peak time obviously, ahh and yesterday's plan failed miserably. I was supposed to print out the mask for my fabrication process, it turns out yesterday was the 7th day of Chinese New year and some Uncle told me they are still in holiday. yesterday supposed to be raya day for the people he said and then 9th CNY will be raya for their bamboo gods or something.
And that was some new knowledge i learnt when I've already arrived at the shop. haha what a waste of time. Today I'll have to go there again it seems. Actually last night my Uncle had just passed away, so i want to ask if any is reading this post aside me, to please recite Al-fatihah and make doa for him. May Allah bless and shower him with Rahmah and Maghfirah.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Tskkk, such a waste.

It's been two years already, pursuing master. The hardest part, fabrication of those tiny device component. And by tiny I mean in nanometer scale, even smaller than a single hair. Usually, to fabricate this small thingy, we need to pattern it first in a software before print the design out on the substrate itself. The pattern is called mask as it will be directly or on top of the substrate during lithography process. The best thing about designing the pattern is that the machine which supposed to be able to print the mask in IMEN has been out of order for the whole two years now. And everytime I need to design other pattern on the substrate, I'll have to go to a printing shop in Balakong just to have it printed out. As far as I remember, I've wasted my time there at least 10 times. IMEN y u do tisss??

A simple pattern on the substrate

Today I'm going there again. Anyone cares to join? Meh nk blanja K-fry.haha

Friday, February 8, 2019

Blackpink in Justice League

I've just watched Justice League last night. Quite shocked to suddenly hear kpop song playing in a Hollywood movie. What is it that makes blackpink so special, people are waiting for every comeback that they'd make.  I wonder. they dont even have lots of songs, but every one of them is popular. I'm not really into kpop nowadays*, but yea i do listen to some of the songs. For blackpink, my favorite (or maybe the only one i have) would be 'stay'.

*going back to 2012, when i was in CFSIIUM, Afiq, my childhood friend/roommate there introduced to me the world of k-variety/drama/kpop. My first show was obviously 'running man', and 'Full House' was my 1st drama. Following that, i was hooked to k-world but honestly, I like k-variety the best. I watched other shows like rm, family outing, return of superman, and 2 days 1 night. these varieties have like hundreds of episodes, so its better to get to know how much time you'll waste for them before you start, haha.

Today, only two of those varieties that i'm still following, 2 days 1 night and running man. But, if i have to pick either one I'll definitely go for 2d1n. :D And I've long let go korean dramas from my to watch list. Why? because there are lots of other dramas better than korean drama. What is it? hehe I'll expose on the other post.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

My 1st Time

I've only been to interview for work once, and that was for customer service position (don't really remember the actual name, but usually you solve customers issue on IT problem) in HP Cyberjaya, few months after graduated from IIUM. It went pretty bad I think, not that I can't answer the question but entahla, I think I messed up when the interviewer asked me basic question like whats happening if you can't browse internet on chrome? I just thought hard answer to impress such as changing the dns and so on, and completely missed out simple answer like maybe there is no internet connection to the device, or maybe the browser is bugged. Then when the interviewer asked me  whether I like the position or not, the simple answer should be yes right. but my answer? i don't really remember but something like if possible I'd want to apply for another position, software developer i said. haha. funny.

in 2016 kot.
my first official job interview in a nutshell, forever will be remembered.
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