Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evony: Age 1 review

No doubt, Evony is the best game I had ever played in my life. First I was recommended by my friend to play this game, I didn’t see any benefit of playing this game but I tried to play it. At the first trial, I played this game for just about an hour. Then, I felt bored. Week after that, I opened it again. I started to join an alliance called No More Suffer. There, I found new friends such as the LordNoMore, Imhotep and many more. The alliance is not very good - they played the game their ownself. But I continued learning from them about Evony. They said this game need patience and – After a month playing this game, I achieved 100k prestige. Suddenly, my alliance lost and I continued play myself until one day, I got an invitation from alliance VGM. They invite any lord with 100k+ prestige to join them. I applied and now, I’m in the alliance. Here, I found many more friends from all over the world. I’m from Malaysia and I thought I’m alone from Malaysia in my alliance. But, I got to know Don, MikeWolf, Musashi, Darmael and of course, many more. Now I learnt the good of alliance. I got many reinforcement and resources from my ally. I hope to play this game as part of my life as long as it’s free- I never had a credit card in my life and I hope this game will be free forever. This game also has many other benefits. As example we can improve our strategy and learn patience. It’s so difficult for us to wait for a very long time to see an achievement but this game teaches us to play with patience as I said before. Besides, we get opportunity to know each other by joining alliance. We can also learn and change our information about this game. My goal to be reached is to conquer a level 10 npc’s. I’m reinforcing 100k of archers now so I can conquer it. My hope is to see this game free until I achieve my aim. The conclusion is, for my dearly friends, let’s play this best game before you will be taken by the Angel of Death.

Written by: Lord peep

Server 10


peep said...

thanks for reading.. hope u'll help me in s n2

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